Selected Talks

Fully Homomorphic Encryption and private Heatmap evaluation. Pdf
European Cyber Week, November 2022.

Plug and play sanitization for TFHE. Pdf
Séminaire C2, October 2022.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption and applications to Machine Learning.
Trail Workshop, September 2021
Telecom Paris Crypto Seminar, October 2021.

Homomorphic Encryption and Applications to secure E-voting.
LSL Seminar CEA LIST, Saclay, June 2019.

Presentation of the Projet RISQ – PIA Grands Défis du Numérique.
RESSI, Erquy, May 2019.

Introduction to TFHE.
EIT Digital Summer School on Security and Privacy, Trento, Italy, July 2017.

New techniques for Multi-value Input Homomorphic Evaluation and Applications. Pdf
CT-RSA 2019, San Fransisco, March 2019.

Introduction to e-voting : Benelios and Post-Quantum analogue.
CryptoBG Summer School. Oriahivitza, Bulgaria, July 2016

Introduction to Homomorphic Encryption.
Expo 2015, Milan

Structural Lattice Reduction and Application to worst-case to average-case lattice Reduction.
Seminar at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 2014.