• IDASH (Idash privacy & security workshop) competitions:
         2023 with Broad-MIT-Tune Insight (second position);
         2018 with team CEA-Inpher-Tune Insight(third position);
         2017 with team CEA (second position).
  • Asiacrypt 2016 Best Paper: Faster Fully Homomorphic Encryption: Bootstrapping in less than 0.1 seconds.
        TFHE Poster presented at Homomorphic Encryption Standardization 2018 Workshop.


    Software Projects:

  • TFHE sanitization: Plug-and-Play Sanitization for TFHE.
  • TFHE: Fast Fully Homomorphic Encryption over the Torus.
        A fast open-source library for fully homomorphic encryption.
  • Belenios: Verifiable online voting system. (contributions to the security model and specifications).


    Students supervisions:

  • Lucas Prabel (Université de Rennes, IRISA) - PhD, 2020-2023.
        Lattice-based sampling algorithms and applications, co-advised with Adeline Roux-Langlois.
  • Paola de Perthuis (Cosmian/ENS) - PhD, 2020-2023.
        Secure computation over encrypted with David Pointcheval.
  • Lucas Prabel (Université de Versailles) - - Master Degree, May-2020-Oct.2020.
        ID-based Post-Quantum Encryption Schemes.
  • Clara Dô (Université Denis Dideot, Paris 7) - Master Degree internship, Apr. 2019-Sept. 2019.
        Post-Quantum Key Exchange Schemes and Error Correcting Codes for analysing decryption errors.
  • Martin Zuber (CEA) - Phd, 2017-2018.
        Homomorphic Neural Network Evaluation.
  • Victor Mollimard (ENS Lyon) - Master Degree, Apr.17-Sept.17.
        FHE Bootstrapping algorithms
  • Coding Sisters: Programming tutorials for female high school students. 2020/2021.


    Collaborative project grants:

  • FASIC ECPD 2023 - Campus France. "Quantum-Classic Hybrid Public Key Encryption",
        grant funding in collaboration with Qinyi Li, Griffith University, Australia.
  • Regroupement de l'Industrie française pour la Sécurité Post-Quantique (BPI 2017-2020).
  • CryptoComp: Plateforme de Cryptocalcul pour le Cloud (Projet FUI - 2015-2018).
  • Prosecure- Provably secure systems: foundations, design, and modularity (Projet ERC - 2011-2016).
  • VIP: Verification of Indistinguishability Properties (as a participant Projet JCJ - 2012-2016).
  • COPRIM: Near Field - COntactless PRIvacy Manager (Projet ANR Télécommunications - 2009-2011).
  • PACE: Pairings and Advances in Cryptology for E-cash (Projet ANR - 2007-2011).
  • BACH: Biometric Authentication with Cryptographic Handling (Projet ANR - 2005-2009).